Club Dive – 27 Sept 2020

An early start and a period of good weather seen Andrew and Paul head over the Rest and Be Thankful and go to Gortein Point on Loch Fyne.

Not a single other diver was seen on our route across at any of the usual dive sites and only a couple spotted on the route home.

The entire reef was covered in life. Millions (literally) of brittle stars and many many of all the other starfishes we see. Gardens of Plumose anemones with a number of dahlia anemones thrown in. The biggest Lobster either of have ever seen! Close up and personal with a sleeping cod. A nice scorpion fish. Plus all the other things we see regularly.

A seal came and checked us out before we got in but not underwater. Beautiful day, good viz, warm(ish) water . Fantastic day out and shows why this site is a favourite.

Club Dive – 20 Sept 2020

With the continued issues with the Rest and Be Thankful, the club headed back to Loch Long and the A-Frames dive site. An early start meant we arrived before the masses and ensured getting a prized parking spot!

Visibility on the first dive was great and continues to be some of the best we’ve seen at this site for a number of years. However, an oil container ship docked at the end of the first dive making the second dive a little murkier.

Andrew, Robert, Matt, Sam and Paul had a great day, despite not managing to see the octopus and squid that have been recently reported. However, there was large amounts of sealife to be seen including a couple of congers.

Club Dive – Conger Alley, Loch Long

22 July 2020

Bill and Robert took father and daughter Adrian and Emily out today for their first Open water dives in Scottish waters.

We took Emily in for the first dive today. Apart some early ear issues she coped well with rest of the dive. Even swam through a shoal of Pollack and found a dogfish all on first dive! Wow!

After Robert’s suit flooding on the first dive Bill took Adrian in for the second dive. He coped very well and buoyancy was good as well. No pollack or dogfish but hey-ho can’t win them all.

The weather gods were king to us today which made it a great day out for all. Well done guys!