Club dive 10th Feb 2019

First club dive of 2019
Andrew, Ryan and Scott went to triple reef in Loch Fyne for a couple of dives. A cold day but largely clear with only a brief rain shower . much better than the day before when storm Erik passed through! He had stirred the water a bit though and the viz was only about 5 metres. none of us had dived this site in years so we were finding our way around. We saw a number of dogfish (and a number of their egg cases – mermaids purses). One Dragonet also on the sand plus a range of the usual invertebrate life including a nice Dahlia anemone. We were all feeling a little chilled by the end as the temperature has dropped to 8 degrees.

hopefully the start of a great years diving!

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Club dive 4th Aug 2018

Bill Keith. Ryan Kennedy and Andrew Powls went to Anchor Point for a club dive. The weather was generally dry at the dive site and the Midges were on a day off! Viz was poor at the surface but excellent down at 20 m. There was plenty of life on the reef including a large Conger eel in a crack at about 23 metres of which we could see most of its body length – impressive. Ryan completed a few of his last skills for Sport diver including a 10 m rescue at the end of the second dive

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Club Dive 22nd July 2018

Club Dive 22/07/18
Andrew Powls, Bill Hamilton, Matt Mcgahan, Scott Patrick and Paul Lafferty went to Anchor Point for a club dive. The weather stayed largely dry and fairly warm. The Viz was poor at times although a little better a little deeper. These were Matt’s first dives – Welcome to Scottish diving Matt! A few large Lion’s manes jellyfish lurked in wait but we successfully avoided these for a few pleasant dives. Paul found a few Polycera quadrilineata nudibranchs and Andrew spotted a small Pipefish. Bill managed to find a large Dogfish at the safety stop (first shark encounter for Matt!!)
A successful day!
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Club Dive 20th July 2018

Andrew Powls and Ryan Kennedy went to the A Frames in loch Long for 2 dives with Ryan taking a dive leader role for the first time. An overcast day with rain looked unpromising but had dried out by the time we got to the site. Viz was fairly good at about 7-8 metres. Ryan navigated us safely and confidently. There was a good selection of life on the artificial structures of the old pier including a small conger eel and a large lobster. A good day!

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Club Dive 8th July 2018

Andrew Powls and Bill Keith went to Anchor Point for 2 dives The Weather remained fine at the dive site (although we had the first rain for weeks on the drive up) Viz was good and there was plentiful life around including quite a few jellyfish and comb jellies. One large Lions mane seemed to be aiming for us whilst we were completing a little bit of training

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