Club dive 19th July 2020

Billy, Andrew and Matt went to Conger Alley on Loch Long for a couple of dives. Not a bad day and fairly good Viz. Cautious dives as COVID has kept Matt out of the water for 6 months. 3 Conger eels had the site living up to its name. Plenty of other life including a well camouflaged scorpion fish that Matt nearly squashed whilst I tried to point it out!! Water temperature was nearly 15 in the top few metres and only a little colder at depth, so Billy wasn’t shivering in his semi- dry for once! It’s so good to be getting out again after all the restrictions

27th June – club dive

Robert and Andrew visited Conger Alley in Loch Fyne to introduce Samantha to Scottish diving. We were lucky that the weather held for the duration of the dives and we had good visibility. Water temperature was a balmy 12 degrees down to 12 metres. Highlight of the dive was a number of curious large Ballan Wrasse near the top of the reef. Plenty of the usual critters but no Congers. ☹️. Welcome to Scottish waters Samantha!
Weather on the way home was atrocious!