Club Dive 9th April

Andrew Powls, Paul Lafferty, Robert Ross and Emma Levy went to anchor point on Loch Fyne for a club dive day. This was Emma’s first open water dive and we were blessed by dry weather (at least until the drive home anyway) and fairly good visibility. Still a bit nippy in the water (8 degrees).
Despite a few early issues with ear clearing Emma successfully completed her first hour underwater and demonstrated excellent buoyancy control. We stayed fairly shallow for her initial dives but still saw a profusion of spider crabs and other crustaceans including a massive edible crab. The highlight was a Dogfish that Emma found right sleeping underneath us at the safety stop.
Congratulations to Emma – another Scottish diver!

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Club diving 5th March 2017

Bill Hamilton, Paul Arnott and Andrew Powls went to Dogfish reef for a club dive on sunday 5th. Apart from some heavy showers at the start and end of the day, the weather smiled on us with some nice sun during our surface interval, 9 degrees water temp and about 5-7 m visibility.
The highlight of the day was trying out some new kit.
The main event was Bill’s new drysuit (at long last). The first time he’s finished a dive with dry underclothes in many a year!!!!
Andrew was trying out a new strobe and some resultant pictures are attached to our facebook page (not as many as I hoped as my camera battery died on the second dive). Paul was experimenting with his camera setup too so he might add some pictures later.
As this was March rather than February we only managed to find about 10 dogfish but a few posed for us.

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Greenfaulds Divers AGM

Thank you to all the members who attended our AGM at the Weavers on Wednesday 22nd  February. The minutes of the AGM will be available soon.  The Agenda for AGM Feb 2017 is available by clicking the link.

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Club Dive Feb 5th 2017

Four of us went to Conger Alley in Loch Long for a club dive and a first Scottish dive for Andrew Irvine.
The weather gods did not smile and it was cold and wet by the side of Loch Long as we prepared for the dives. Andrew Irvine was accompanied by Andrew Powls for his first dive, a shallow bimble around the upper reef. A few initial buoyancy problems were overcome and we had a brief look round before returning to the exit. Paul Arnott and Scott McLay partnered up for a dive to a deeper part of the reef.
For the second dive Scott accompanied Andrew P and Andrew I as the cold had left Paul without any feeling in his fingers. We repeated the tour of the upper reef and Andrew Demonstrated an improvement in his buoyancy which allowed a longer look round. We found a large old Conger eel and some large crabs. Scott found a large group of shrimp in another crack in the rocks.
Andrew I completed his first hour underwater but unfortunately got a bad cramp just at the end of the second dive..
Fortunately the rain paused for us to change at the end of the dive and we paused in Luss to complete our dive logs. Welcome to Scottish diving Andrew!

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Club dive December 11th

Gareth and Andrew went to Conger Alley in Loch Fyne for a couple of dives today and had a great day. Viz was fairly good at 4-5 metres and the water temp was 11 degrees at depth. There was a huge amount to see including a few lobster and lots of large shrimp plus numerous enormous crabs. Loads of fish life including a school of cod, lots of large Ballan Wrasse, a few Conger eels plus plenty other wrasse and blennies and a single dragonet. The highlight of the dive was meeting an octopus out in the open at about 24 metres. A first for us both.
Only disappointment was not to get photos of the octopus as I had left my camera behind for the second dive due to condensation in the housing. Typical!

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