Club dive to dogfish reef – 17th March

Club dive to Dogfish reef – 17th Feb 2019

Bill Hamilton, Ryan Kennedy and Andrew Powls went to Dogfish reef at Furnace, loch Fyne for a club dive.
We were blessed with good weather for the time of year. Viz was not great when we first went in but this improved with depth. Temperature was a bit chilly at 8 degrees.
We took a while to find the dogfish as they were hiding amongst the rocks at the end of the stone reef. Once we found them there were quite a lot to be found. We had a nice encounter with a large friendly ballan wrasse and saw a good variety of the usual fish and invertebrate life.
The day ended nicely in the beer garden of Ben Arthur Bothy in Arrochar. Never expected to be enjoying a drink out of doors after the snow and sleet of the previous day!

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