Club Seasearch training dive – May 14th

Club Seasearch Training Day – May 14th

Robert Ross Bill Hamilton and Andrew Powls joined Natalie Hirst from Seasearch to do our first two qualifying dives on the Seasearch course.
We met at the Tea rooms beyond Furnace and did two dives there. One inside and one outside the bay.
Weather was favourable – we were lucky that the ony downpour happened whilst we were underwater.
A long day as we spent a while poring over ID books after each dive and struggling with latin names.
The highlight of the first dive was a large bed of slender sea pens in the middle of the bay. Highlights of the second was a school of Pollack and some Ballan Wrasse at the end of the wall.
Thanks very much to Natalie Hirst for her guidance and help which made for a very successful day
Hopefully we will have some pics to follow once Robert has downloaded them

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